Stories behind the lens — Retrospect

The view from the last sister (probably)

You see the farthest patch of green amongst the blue? That’s where we came from.

This was nearing the end of the Seven Sisters Cliff hike.

Numerous uphill climbs, a long, long walk with wind opposing our momentum. We did make it till the very end. The lighthouse and the pub are in close vicinity now.

Was it easy?

I wouldn’t say so. Personally my current fitness didn’t make this hike any easier for me. Uphills were at times very wearing. Legs were tired, so was the body.

But we were all happy. And content.

Was it worth it?

Every bit yes. The experience made it worth it. Plus the group I was with. Plus the sun. And the pristinely blue waters. And the immaculate sky.

We did cover the seemingly huge 23km hike on foot. Do you know what was the secret?

One step at a time 🙂

We climbed the mountains, came downhill, then up again. We walked over the pebbles. And the concrete roads. And we kept walking, till we got on the train. And we did it, one step at a time.

Looking forward, things are ambiguous, sometimes scary.

“I see the end is still so far, how long is it going to take?”

“I’m so tired, which sister are we on?”

“I didn’t sign up for this freezing cold water, whose idea was it to come here??”

“Let’s take a break for a little while, I need to catch my breath”

Some of there were questions we didn’t have answers to. But we did what we could have done best — we kept walking. And we kept progressing, one step at a time. That compounded to one uphill climb, then one sister, then the whole journey.

No matter how tired you are, focus on the next step. And that’s how you climb the whole mountain.

A friend once had told me, “At any point in time you have to optimize for making the best possible next move. If you know that you’ve done your best at any point in the past, there will be no regrets”. And isn’t that the state we all wish to be in — with no regrets, pure positivity.

And we kept walking…🙂

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