Which is the most beautiful thread you have seen?

This isn’t the easiest question to answer, right? Is a thread something worth paying attention to?

I mean surely it isn’t.

Even if it keeps our clothes together and protects us from the sun and wind

And helps the kite fly without the fear of being lost

And helps lure a fish.

Sure it is everywhere around us, but is it something worth noting?

When you can find a moment, take it to observe the threads around. …

The view from the last sister (probably)

You see the farthest patch of green amongst the blue? That’s where we came from.

This was nearing the end of the Seven Sisters Cliff hike.

Numerous uphill climbs, a long, long walk with wind opposing our momentum. We did make it till the very end. The lighthouse and the are in close vicinity now.

Was it easy?

I wouldn’t say so. Personally my current fitness didn’t make this hike any easier for me. Uphills were at times very wearing. Legs were tired, so was the body.

But we were all happy. And content.

Was it worth it?


What is this emptiness?

The Seven Sisters Cliffs hike took us along many such picturesque views. We crossed stretches of plain lands, farms, animals grazing far away, a countryside town, the immensity of the deep blue waters, and the composure of the sky.

The day before the hike was rough. I felt down and demotivated and in a tangled mess of thoughts that I had no clue how to find a way through. Maybe sitting down and working on the mesh, one thought at a time, and analyzing the implication of it would have helped, but office and things to do left…

Pose alert.

One of our many breaks in the Seven Sisters Cliff hike, where we slowed down for a little while to savor everything that was around us.

Okay I agree, this was us posing for this click.

At instances, I did see the conversations slowing down, and people were seen just gazing at the infinite. Over this very location, in front of us was a steep descent, and the camera captured a few of us going into oblivion.

At around this click, I remember having conversations first with myself, and then with Vicky, on what do we want? …

Somewhere near the beginning of the hike.

Soothing green lands, sparkling blue ocean, calming blue sky, sun above my head, wind in my face. And my friends.

When nature speaks, words go numb for me. This was one of the rare occasions where I had to reach out to my bag pocket to find my phone and capture this landscape. Wind, sun, sky, water, land, and humans — here is everything in one frame.

I could have stood there in that moment for years. Don’t know what else to say.

Left to right — Arushi, Vicky, Achyut, Rajat, Sarthak, Me, Kanika, Rohan

This picture came into existence shortly after the first of our ‘’ that will follow.

One of us, Vicky, was very considerate to wake up at 4 in the morning to prepare three-box fulls of Lemon Rice. It was essentially him and his food that kept us going.

These so-called picnics, which were sometimes purposed to get the tension off our muscles, sometimes to quench the popping hunger, other times to wait for the people coming behind or to savor the view — these were the parts where we bonded the most. Rajat also came up with lines like…

This is me standing on some rocks, somewhere on the shore.

This was when we had just entered the point from where the Seven Sisters Cliff will make themselves visible. We were to keep tracing the greens, keeping a few feet distance from the white edges, and to follow the blue. But we took a detour and walked an extra hour to reach this very point, into the sea.

Was it so far that it took an extra hour?

Not really. But we had to leave the trodden paths and walk alongside the rocky ways. It was also slippery at points and one of us injured her hands. …

What makes this picture stand out for me?

Sure, there is nothing in here. Just the plain blue sea, blue sky, and some green land. Some barricades to prevent people from falling down in the blue. At least that’s the intent, people can always cross them and jump if they wish to. It’s a gentle indication from the government saying and also saying that ‘

Coming back, this is an empty picture. Or is it?

Answering the above depends on what the viewer is…

Left to right — Achyut, Rajat, Sarthak, Me, Kanika, Arushi, Rohan

From here, we were just starting our journey. A long, long hike to the renowned Seven Sisters White Cliffs. What lay ahead was unknown and exciting. We could already feel the wind on our faces and with that, the freshness and the rush were starting to take over.

It hadn’t been long since we had met. Before a couple of hours, every person in the group knew not more than two other people. It was an unthought-of chain that just took shape, and now looking back, I’m so glad it did. …

Stories are where we come from, and stories are where we are going. Sharing stories is how we have come to the present form of existence. While the grown-up me appreciates numbers and statistics and makes decisions based on text and data, it’s moved the most by a story, because stories behold power like none other.

We took the Seven Sisters Cliff Hike yesterday. Looking back at the day through flashes in my eyes made stronger by the picture album, I realized that every picture carries a story. …

Shreya Sahu

Trying to be less wrong. Books. Mental models. Out in the open. Twitter.

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